Life Beyond Sobriety

Get Sober With The Community Set Life Changing Goals Make Them Come True


Why Life Beyond Sobriety?

Taking the first step towards a new life after getting sober can be difficult, especially if you don't know where you want to end up. That is why LBS exists. With our community of supportive members, emphasis on goal setting and accountability, and the BEST online recovery community in the world, we show you how to map out your ideal future and implement strategies to make it happen. With this community by your side, you can do anything.

"I'm so glad I found Kelly and the Life Beyond Sobriety (LBS) group! It has been an incredible experience complimenting my desire to get unstuck and ‘level up’ by designing a future I want and deserve through setting and achieving realistic goals with the awesome guidance and support of Kelly and his team. The LBS Community meets regularly; we hold each other and ourselves accountable with cool weekly strategies designed to improve mental health and challenge our comfort zones. I love the LIVE, interactive coaching sessions! I’ve been sober over 2.5 years and I have found that sharing my personal experience and meeting like-minded people in recovery within the LBS community has allowed me to adopt a new goal-oriented perspective living life through my transition in recovery. For the first time in a long time, I have a plan and a vision. I’m putting myself first and I feel accepted, supported and understood in a community of amazing Life Beyond Sobriety members with real struggles like mine. Let’s go, LBS!"
-Pete Adkins, LBS Member since March 2023

Five years of relapsing showed me that if I was going to stay sober, I had to be happy, and I couldn't be happy with a purposeless, boring life. I had to stop lying to myself by pretending that my life was great JUST because I got sober.

It wasn't. I was stuck.

Smoking crack was a good way to get unstuck, albeit VERY temporarily!

I never had a clear vision of where I wanted to go, therefore I didn't know where to start. My present was very bleak - no hope and no excitement because I had no idea where my life was headed. I know now that the way I feel today is directly linked to what I think my future is going to look like. No vision = No Hope.

Today, life is so different than it was before. 

I have become a new and improved version of myself that I once thought I didn't deserve! Formerly 30 lbs. overweight, living in a shelter, smoking crack every day, drinking to numb the pain. Today I am a marathon runner, traveling all over to run races either solo or with a group of friends. I am self employed, I am healthy, I am an important part of my family and I feel like I deserve it all.
I got crystal clear on what I WANT and it’s coming true.

I have made the Life Beyond Sobriety Community my purpose. Having been in recovery for years now, I see a huge need in the recovery community for an answer to the question: 

"Okay, I'm sober...what's next?"
THIS community is "what's next" in addiction recovery.

In our live sessions and monthly community challenges, we use proven psychological strategies, accountability, and the power of community to transform you into the person that you WANT to be.

We do things as a community that we can't do alone.

Community is the single, most effective way to navigate rapid change, build new habits and to pursue results and transformation. THAT’S why I built this for us.

  • Create renewed hope, confidence and excitement about your future as we help you design it exactly how you want it to unfold and then walk with you through your transformation as it comes true
  • Relapse prevention: Happiness, confidence and hope are the best defense against relapse
  • Start achieving goals you didn't think were possible
  • We will show you how to make your past move you forward rather than hold you back
  • Strip away all of the things that are simply wasting your time and focus on the ONE BIG GOAL that is going to make all your other goals come true

Stick with us for 12 months and see what the power of community, support, accountability and strategic coaching can do for you. Be a part of something much bigger than yourself!